G’day cobbers!

G’day one and all, and welcome to my new blog. This will be my place to fulminate on all things related to science fiction, fantasy and horror. I know a little bit about the world of publishing, so I might write about that from time to time as well. Last of all, I can’t promise that I won’t wander off on tangents, and I won’t apologise when I do – after all, its my blog, and with the blogosphere full to overflowing it is doubtful that many folks will stumble across this one anyway!

I am less of a follower of hard sci-fi, though I do dip in. At the moment I am exploring quite a bit of urban fantasy by authors such as Kate Griffin, Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher. I am a big fan of Clive Barker and – straying a little towards the crime genre – John Connolly. But like everyone’s, my tastes take strange turns and I’ve dabbled in Iain M. Banks and the like so who knows what will pop up here? Also, I’m still a shameless fan of Doctor Who and with the new season screening on BBC I will certainly be airing my opinions on that topic as well.
I hope that gives you a flavour for where this blog might head, and I hope you find it interesting and entertaining enough to drop by now and again.
Cheers for now!

About Mark Winter

Dark Fantasy novelist (INFERNAL PREY). Blogging on politics and current affairs (GibberLog), science and history (BlatherLog), sci-fi, fantasy & horror (WittlerLog), business, product development & start-ups (MutterLog). View all posts by Mark Winter

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