King of King

Someone has read my blog, and liked it. I am childishly pleased and touched, so thank you reader for your kindness and encouragement. It seems appropriate then to praise the work of another blogger and Guardian columnist, James Smythe. James is re-reading the novels of The Master (better known as Stephen King) in order, reviewing them as he goes. So far he is up to King’s 1979 thriller, The Dead Zone, a personal favourite.

What is wonderful about Smythe’s reviewing is the obvious love he has for these works – Number One Fan indeed. His fondness does not dull his insight however, and he devotes some attention to exploring the underlying continuity that evolves in King’s universe as hs writing progresses. If you are a King fan, Smythe’s column is well worth following.
He is a novelist too. Anyone read any of his stuff?

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