Thank You

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt “thanks” to all of you who have read and commented on my blog. I have another one, and no-one has even looked at it yet, so thanks for checking out this one! Though I shouldn’t really be surprised… it is my entry on Doctor Who that has drawn you in. Boy does Matt Smith, and Series 7 so far, polarise you! Well, Mr. Smith has won me over I have to say, so though I too would like to see someone a bit older in the role next time, I think he is doing a sterling job. And Episode 4, The Slow Invasion? I’m not going to review it – can’t do better than J Korvin’s superb and insightful comments – but I must say I really enjoyed it. Funny, heartwarming, ending a bit too easy but what the heck, I don’t care because UNIT was back, along with a very special new friend who I won’t mention in the interests of spoiler-avoidance. But agree with the aforementioned reviewer that continuity is being treated with a cavalier attitude these days, something on which I will certainly be commenting soon.

As everyone knows [BUT SPOILER ALERT IN CASE YOU DON’T!!!]…
… Amy and Rory are about to depart the TARDIS for good, and rumour has it the circumstances will be heartbreaking rather than warming. Bring on the mid-season finale next week.
I know I haven’t been doing this for long so I’ve got no form you can go by, but I won’t be doing hot-off-the-presses reviews of each episode. I tend to miss them when they are broadcast and catch up with them later on BBC iPlayer, so other people get there first. I am more than happy for you to add comments with links to your own reviews though, as J Korvin did. But there’ll be more on the Doctor to keep you engaged, I promise!
But not just that topic. I’ll be posting a new entry later today on something totally different. See ya.

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3 responses to “Thank You

  • Korvin

    aww, thanks! I really enjoyed the episode too, which is what inspired me to write a review. The last time I reviewed a Dr Who story it was 1989 and printed in a paper fanzine! Very heart-warming, thanks for the kind words there.

    You know, Dr Who has always had a cavalier attitude to continuity, if by that term we mean fannish concerns about the mythos of the show. My problem with the episode was I felt the continuity of the tone was broken by the resolution of the mystery. I need to see it again though. Something about the episode inspired me.

    I’ll sure check out your politics blog!

  • Korvin

    Hate the sin, love the sinner.

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