Kermode loves Twilight and he doesn’t care who knows it!!!

I like film critic Mark Kermode, he is insightful, fair-minded and has extremely catholic tastes, which enable him to take “genre” material seriously.

Which is why it is worth reading his defence of the Twilight film quartet and the novels on which they are based, it is really thought-provoking. I have never read the novels or seen any of the films, but I must confess that is because I have dismissed them out of hand as being teenage, sexually neutered paranormal romance – fantasy chick lit but without steamy bits.

It is always nice when a writer has the honesty and self-confidence to post a piece like this, challenging one’s preconceptions and prejudices. Hat’s off to Mr. Kermode. I don’t know whether I agree with him or not, because I don’t know the books or the films, but at least I will try to stop sneering when they are mentioned (an unattractive, narrow-minded thing to do anyway, I know).

I tell you what though, there’s one thing I don’t agree with him about – his view that Star Wars is a “lumbering, narratively hobbled space opera”. Star Wars has to be one of the most misunderstood, unfairly maligned film series out there.  But that is a debate for another time.

Move over, Luke Skywalker… I’m a Twilight man | Film | The Observer.

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