Infernal Prey is nearly here…

An update on my publishing journey with the eBook Partnership.

In my last post on this topic, I expressed my disappointment with the first pass at my book cover design, and owned up to my responsibility for that to boot. Well, a little over a week later the next version dropped into my inbox, and I’m glad to say it rocks. What more can I say?

The .mobi and .epub files had also been delivered promptly and far faster than I expected. I reviewed them and found a few errors: some were mine (they were minor and I decided to live with them – I’ve seen far worse in bestselling hardbacks and I realise I could never catch every single mistake), and some had cropped up in the conversion process (missed spaces between words, usually). I notified eBook Partnership and got fresh files in a couple of days, all fixed.

One of my favourite bloggers on self publishing is Dave Gaughran and I heartily recommend his stuff. He is an absolute mine of information and very good advice. But there is one topic on which is is, if I may say so, a bit of a bore. He is extremely dismissive of any one-stop shop e-publishing services business, believing them all to be rip-offs who take good money for doing things that are very easy to do yourself. He seems fine with paying for editors and cover designers (quite right too) but not for formatting, conversion and distribution. Well I must disagree with him. I am not a full-time writer. I work, I have a family and other demands on my time. I know I would not find ebook conversion as easy as Dave does and it is all too easy to find stories about other writer’s negative experiences. E-publishing businesses provide a service for which they are entitled to charge and it makes my life a lot easier. Let’s face it, self publishing is a hobby for all but a fortunate (or talented) few  and there is nothing wrong with spending money on one’s hobbies. Furthermore, for me the hobby is the writing, not all of the administrative bumf that comes with the publishing process. The eBook Partnership’s fees are quite reasonable (they don’t charge royalties/commission) and it is vastly cheaper than golf or fast cars. The jury is still out because the journey isn’t over, but so far I’m very pleased with them. But please, do put the time and effort into researching whoever you decide to sign up with because e-publishing service providers are not all made equal and there are some worrying experiences documented out there on the web.

Do read Dave’s blog too because he is a font of wisdom and has lots of good advice on marketing and promotion!

We are, indeed, nearly there.

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