Infernal Prey by Mark Winter (cover)

It is the late 19th Century, and the haunted mountains and plateaus of Central Europe are the last refuge of the Kindred: a hidden people whose arcane powers of the mind have fueled myths and legends since the dawn of human history. But those powers have dwindled and centuries of savage persecution have driven the Kindred to the brink of extinction.

Davin is a crippled youth who lives with his mother in the shadows of the great forest. The blood of the Kindred flows in his veins, but he does not share their occult gifts; he is powerless, his inheritance all but spent. Yet under the protection of Azzo von Klatka, Lord of the Tower, they and the other Kindred believe they are safe from those who would see them dead.

But soon the fragile peace of the Kindred will be shattered: The Order – age-old enemies dedicated to their destruction – have uncovered their refuge and plan to move against them. The Order has discovered a terrible weapon, one against which even the Lord of the Tower will be helpless. Soon they will unleash the forces of destruction against those who preserve the last of mankind’s miracles.

And only one crippled boy can hope to stop them.


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