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The Game Of Thrones Wine Map – The Wines Of Westeros

Like wine? Like Game of Thrones? You’ll love this…

The Game Of Thrones Wine Map – The Wines Of Westeros | VinePair.

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Flowers for Algernon’s sad, sweet genius

Another great sci-fi writer – who deserves to be more widely read – has passed on.

Flowers for Algernon’s sad, sweet genius | Books | theguardian.com.

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Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

I’ve just finished the third volume in Laini Taylor’s fantasy trilogy Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Though aimed at a “young adult” readership, it certainly drew me in. It begins like an urban fantasy as a young girl in contemporary Prague tries to balance her two lives – one as a teenage art student, the other as ward and helper of a benign yet monstrous, otherworldly being. But by the end of the first volume we are plunged into the middle of a war between “angels” and “demons” from a parallel world, and the “urban” elements rapidly recede into the background to be replaced by a strange alien landscape. Continue reading

Basics | David Gaughran

Here is Dave Gaughran’s excellent guide to self-publishing basics. As I’ve said before though, I don’t think it is necessary to be quite so wary of publishing services businesses as long as you employ some good sense in your dealings with them and do your research first. My experience with the eBook Partnership has been positive, for example, and I think it is an option worth considering for people like me who don’t have much spare time on their hands.

Basics | David Gaughran.

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Thinking Inside The Box: Building Audience With Bundles

Some nice box sets available from Dave’s post – check it out.

David Gaughran


After my marketing post last month, I promised a follow up on box sets. In fact, I’ve gone one better and invited Phoenix Sullivan to do a guest post on the topic.

Today is perfect timing actually because we have just launched SINS OF THE PAST: 5 Historical Novels of Mystery, War and Adventure – just 99c at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (Apple soon!):

For those that don’t know Phoenix, she’s a self-published author who also runs her own publishing company – Steel Magnolia Press – together with romance author Jennifer Blake. In the last 18 months, Phoenix has also been experimenting with box sets and, as you will see below, the results have been astounding.

I’ve known Phoenix for a while and no-one knows more about Amazon’s algorithms and marketing e-books. When she invited me to participate – along with bestselling authors Denise Domning, N. Gemini Sasson, Monique Martin, and Michael Wallace…

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