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10 Best Horror Films, Chosen By Tim Robey


An interesting and thoughtful list with a couple of surprises. I might do my own…

10 best horror films, chosen by Tim Robey – Telegraph.

Horror: a genre doomed to literary hell?

From the 1981 film The Evil Dead... for no apparent reason

An interesting column in today’s Guardian Online by Stuart Kelly (literary editor of Scotland on Sunday).  He enquires as to the whereabouts of modern authors of horror to drive the genre towards literary respectability in the way key figures are doing for crime, science fiction and fantasy.

The very concept of non-genre “literary respectability” gets a lot of genre-fans hot and bothered (sometimes including me) but it is a piece worth reading. For my part, for sheer inventive genius and balletic prose, no-one can beat Clive Barker, for all of his faults.

 Horror: a genre doomed to literary hell?.

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