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A Modern Writing Journey, Part 4

Once upon a time, self-publishing meant “vanity publishing”, and was indelibly associated with anoraks trying to flog their memoirs, gentle local historians and aspiring poets. With the advent of ebook self-publishing, the landscape has changed. Vanity publishing (a terrible term, to be fair) still exists in the context of small-run print publications, and it can be an attractive option in the right circumstances (or as a complementary route to market; imagine lovingly-crafted limited editions of books otherwise published only electronically).

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A Modern Writing Journey, Part 3

So, with the help of my editor (a.k.a. The Countess) and the interweb, I’ve knocked my novel into shape. Having re-christened it Infernal Prey, I have committed to getting it to market by hook or by crook. You see, I’ve invested so much of my writing life into it, that I can’t see past Infernal Prey to start any new projects until I’ve given it a last tearful hug and sent it out into the world.  Continue reading

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 1

Those of you who follow WitterLog will be aware that there have been some changes to the blog recently. A static front page has appeared. The name “Mark Winter” has become associated with it. This “Mark Winter” chappie has started wittering on about a book called Infernal Prey (due for publication late in 2013, apparently, though it is now February 2014). What’s all this about then? Continue reading

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