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A Modern Writing Journey, Part 3

So, with the help of my editor (a.k.a. The Countess) and the interweb, I’ve knocked my novel into shape. Having re-christened it Infernal Prey, I have committed to getting it to market by hook or by crook. You see, I’ve invested so much of my writing life into it, that I can’t see past Infernal Prey to start any new projects until I’ve given it a last tearful hug and sent it out into the world.  Continue reading

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 1

Those of you who follow WitterLog will be aware that there have been some changes to the blog recently. A static front page has appeared. The name “Mark Winter” has become associated with it. This “Mark Winter” chappie has started wittering on about a book called Infernal Prey (due for publication late in 2013, apparently, though it is now February 2014). What’s all this about then? Continue reading

I’ve regenerated again!

G’day followers. You may have noticed some minor changes to WitterLog. I’ve added a static front page, changed the top-level navigation and fixed the Twitter feed. I’ve also chosen to push forward my pen name, Mark Winter, which is now the name of the site overall. This site can now be reached via markwinter.info as well as witterlog.wordpress.com. The name “WitterLog” also lives on as the navigation link to access my blog entries.

This is all in aid of my forthcoming novel, provisionally titled Infernal Prey. I’m going to be writing more about this obviously, not only to get you all interested in it but also to share my experiences and decisions about the publishing process, which some of you might find interesting.

So watch this space, there is more to come…

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