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Marvel’s Dr Strange movie – have we reached peak superhero?

Well personally I’ve always been fond of Dr. Strange…

Marvel’s Dr Strange movie – have we reached peak superhero? | Culture | The Guardian.

via Marvel’s Dr Strange movie – have we reached peak superhero? | Culture | The Guardian.

Thinking Inside The Box: Building Audience With Bundles

Some nice box sets available from Dave’s post – check it out.

David Gaughran


After my marketing post last month, I promised a follow up on box sets. In fact, I’ve gone one better and invited Phoenix Sullivan to do a guest post on the topic.

Today is perfect timing actually because we have just launched SINS OF THE PAST: 5 Historical Novels of Mystery, War and Adventure – just 99c at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (Apple soon!):

For those that don’t know Phoenix, she’s a self-published author who also runs her own publishing company – Steel Magnolia Press – together with romance author Jennifer Blake. In the last 18 months, Phoenix has also been experimenting with box sets and, as you will see below, the results have been astounding.

I’ve known Phoenix for a while and no-one knows more about Amazon’s algorithms and marketing e-books. When she invited me to participate – along with bestselling authors Denise Domning, N. Gemini Sasson, Monique Martin, and Michael Wallace…

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The Great E-book Pricing Question

Davey G’s wisdom on e-book pricing. I went for 99p myself…

David Gaughran

soulsale There’s more guff written about pricing than almost anything else, resulting in an extremely confusing situation for new self-publishers. I often see them pricing too low or too high, and the decision is rarely made the right way, i.e. ascertaining their goals and pricing accordingly.

Price/value confusion

Before we get to the nuts-and-bolts, it’s time to slay a zombie meme. Much of the noise on this issue springs from conflating two concepts, namely price and value.

Authors often say something like, “My book is worth more than a coffee.” Or publishers might say, “A movie costs $10 and provides two hours of entertainment. Novels provide several times that and should cost more than $9.99.”

Price and value are two different things. From Wikipedia:

Economic value is not the same as market price. If a consumer is willing to buy a good, it implies that the customer places a higher value…

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Infernal Prey is nearly here…

An update on my publishing journey with the eBook Partnership. Continue reading

A Few Lessons Learned Regarding Book Cover Design

I signed off my last post by saying that my chosen ebook publishing services provider, eBook Partnership, had not yet acknowledged receipt of my manuscript and forms. To be fair, Diana Horner did just that on 16th February, the very next day, so that’s good. On 18th February, the first version of my cover design came through. Continue reading

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