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A Modern Writing Journey, Part 2

So, at the end of February 2013 – very nearly a year ago – I lost my job. I started job hunting. I improved my gym attendance. I began to help out a lot more around the house and spend more time with my wife and son. I made a long “to do” list made up of domestic tasks and aspirational goals. And I dusted off Shadowblood (again). Continue reading

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 1

Those of you who follow WitterLog will be aware that there have been some changes to the blog recently. A static front page has appeared. The name “Mark Winter” has become associated with it. This “Mark Winter” chappie has started wittering on about a book called Infernal Prey (due for publication late in 2013, apparently, though it is now February 2014). What’s all this about then? Continue reading

Review: Ultraviolet – box set

Good review of a classic series from 1998 – I remember loving this.

Ultraviolet – box set review | Television & radio | The Guardian.


10 Best Horror Films, Chosen By Tim Robey


An interesting and thoughtful list with a couple of surprises. I might do my own…

10 best horror films, chosen by Tim Robey – Telegraph.

Kermode loves Twilight and he doesn’t care who knows it!!!

I like film critic Mark Kermode, he is insightful, fair-minded and has extremely catholic tastes, which enable him to take “genre” material seriously.

Which is why it is worth reading his defence of the Twilight film quartet and the novels on which they are based, it is really thought-provoking. I have never read the novels or seen any of the films, but I must confess that is because I have dismissed them out of hand as being teenage, sexually neutered paranormal romance – fantasy chick lit but without steamy bits. Continue reading

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