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The top 10 monsters in art


The top 10 monsters in art | Art and design | theguardian.com.

via The top 10 monsters in art | Art and design | theguardian.com.

‘Infernal Prey’ is here!

Infernal Prey by Mark Winter (cover)


Infernal Prey is getting closer…

Infernal Prey is rocketing off to a multitude of distribution channels. It will take a little while for it to become available and you’ll hear it from me as soon as it hits the virtual shelves.

Infernal Prey by Mark Winter (cover)

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 2

So, at the end of February 2013 – very nearly a year ago – I lost my job. I started job hunting. I improved my gym attendance. I began to help out a lot more around the house and spend more time with my wife and son. I made a long “to do” list made up of domestic tasks and aspirational goals. And I dusted off Shadowblood (again). Continue reading

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 1

Those of you who follow WitterLog will be aware that there have been some changes to the blog recently. A static front page has appeared. The name “Mark Winter” has become associated with it. This “Mark Winter” chappie has started wittering on about a book called Infernal Prey (due for publication late in 2013, apparently, though it is now February 2014). What’s all this about then? Continue reading

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