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Writing yourself a pen name

I use a pen name myself…

Writing yourself a pen name | Books | theguardian.com.

via Writing yourself a pen name | Books | theguardian.com.

Infernal Prey is getting closer…

Infernal Prey is rocketing off to a multitude of distribution channels. It will take a little while for it to become available and you’ll hear it from me as soon as it hits the virtual shelves.

Infernal Prey by Mark Winter (cover)

Infernal Prey is nearly here…

An update on my publishing journey with the eBook Partnership. Continue reading

A Few Lessons Learned Regarding Book Cover Design

I signed off my last post by saying that my chosen ebook publishing services provider, eBook Partnership, had not yet acknowledged receipt of my manuscript and forms. To be fair, Diana Horner did just that on 16th February, the very next day, so that’s good. On 18th February, the first version of my cover design came through. Continue reading

A Modern Writing Journey, Part 4

Once upon a time, self-publishing meant “vanity publishing”, and was indelibly associated with anoraks trying to flog their memoirs, gentle local historians and aspiring poets. With the advent of ebook self-publishing, the landscape has changed. Vanity publishing (a terrible term, to be fair) still exists in the context of small-run print publications, and it can be an attractive option in the right circumstances (or as a complementary route to market; imagine lovingly-crafted limited editions of books otherwise published only electronically).

Continue reading

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